Thursday, 21 February 2013

Taxi please...

 My dad’s side of the family is rooted in the London black cab industry. The story goes back generations and now, all four of the Shorey brother’s are taxi drivers.
To many, the iconic image of a black cab gives off a warm and pleasant feeling. But since becoming a Wheelchair Boy, I have discovered that these Taxi’s are no longer a friendly form of ‘public’ transport.

Disabled people make up the general public so all transport from buses to trains should be accessible. You’ve heard about the incidents I’ve had on trains in the main, they are fine (apart from the Tube) and after trying them at University (awkward silence), buses are surprisingly easy to use.

For as long as I can remember, my dad’s taxi has had a Wheelchair ramp, which he can unlock and fold out. There are also seatbelts to secure the chair in place. So, in theory, a black cab is completely disabled friendly. However, when it comes to putting a wheelchair in, you soon find out that the accessibility is a fallacy. There is hardly any space so not only do I bang my head on the roof but there is no room for any other passengers.

My uncle jokes how he would never bother picking up a disabled person (well I hope he’s joking) but he hasn’t really got the choice. He can’t, regardless of if he can be bothered. As I said, you can’t call it ‘public’ transport if not everyone is able to use it. Restricting accessibility to a black cab would be like saying that homosexuals can’t ride on buses. There would be uproar.

Bye for now!

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