Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mixed emotions 2...

This time, we agreed to meet my parents at Westfield’s. We came out of the park and made our way up to the station with the crowd. That is where we went inside Westfield’s the previous night (1 AM) to get the lift up to Car Park C, Level 1. However, when I explained to a security guard, he didn’t grasp that and just told us the shopping centre was closed, telling us to go over the bridge. This was ridiculous, as we’d be stuck on the other side of the railway line. Onlookers were shouting “just let him through, he’s in a wheelchair” but the bloke obviously didn’t have common sense.

I was bubbling over and nearly got arrested (I had the urge to smash a window). Then, one of his supervisors came and tried to fob me off with nonsense about health and safety. He was weak and couldn’t handle it so ran off. He came back hiding behind Martin Jackson, his suited manager. I explained my frustrations but he came back by telling me Car Park C was on the ground floor. It wasn’t. I told him so and that he was patronising me by suggesting I got it wrong. He proceeded to take the moral high ground and belittle me further. I told Gavin to push me away before I got violent.

We walked for 30 seconds and were finally let in the centre at a different entrance, no questions asked. This proved the idiocy of Martin Jackson and his cronies because people were allowed free roam of the complex so they could’ve easily let us in. We took the lift up to the first floor and met our parents, who we had been communicating with during the whole stressful period.

Even when I think about it now, my heart begins to race and I get so angry at the absolute jobsworths. They are just vile human beings who put a downer on the festival. I need to forget and move on because everytime I think about it, I want to cry. Hopefully, blogging about it has released most of the tension and I can get back to writing about my holiday tomorrow.

On a lighter subject, Gavin and I wore ‘Wheelchair Boy’ and ‘Little Brother’ T-Shirts at the festival. They got a positive reception and caught people’s attention so I’m glad I bought them. Made people laugh and it might result in more readers. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to bin them because they’re now stained from the smog.

Bye for now!

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